Rhode Island Voter Registration Process

Rhode Island Voter Registration Process

When the voter register to vote, the local board of canvassers will send you an acknowledgement notice at the address associated with your new voter registration. The voter will also be noticed by mail if your registration does not meet the requirements for any reason.

Be sure to contact your local board of canvassers if you do not receive the acknowledgement notice within three weeks of registering to vote. If the post office cannot deliver the notice to the address on your voter registration form, your status as a voter will be changed to inactive and you may have to provide additional information when voting.

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Registration Requirements:

Before you vote, elections officials need to know a few things about you, such as your eligibility to vote and where you live. Registering in advance shows poll workers on Election Day that you are a qualified voter and ensures that you get to vote in all the elections and on ballot questions that affect the applicant.

  • A citizen of the United States
  • A resident of the Rhode Island city or town where you wish to vote
  • At least 16 years of age
  • Legally judged mentally incompetent by a court of flow
  • A convicted felon still in prison. Once out of prison, you can restore your right to vote by either notifying your local board of canvassers in writing or by submitting a new voter registration form.

Application Process:

  • You will need a RI driver’s license or RI state ID to register vote online or update your existing record
  • If you do not have a RI Driver’s License of RI state ID, the OVR will generate a form for you to print and mail to your local Board of Canvassers
  • Please read and follow the instructions on the online voter registration portal.
  • If you do not provide this information or your driver’s license or social security number cannot be verified, you will be required to present one of the forms of identification listed below at the time of registration, before voting or at the time of voting.
  • Non-photo identification must have the voters name and address on it.
  • If you indicate on the form that you have not been issued a social security number or a RI driver’s license, you will still need to present identification at the polls.

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