Pennsylvania Voter Registration Process

Pennsylvania Voter Registration Process

The applicant must register to vote at the address where you live your residence address. Owning property or a business in a country does not make you a resident of that county.

Registration Requirements:

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  • Fill out a voter registration application form
  • Your county voter registration office reviews the form
  • If your registration is accepted, you will get a voter registration card in the mail.
  • The voter registration card will show your name, address, party affiliation, and the address where you will vote.

Application Process:

  • If you apply the registration form on a laptop, tablet, or mobile device
  • Your county elections office will review the application
  • When your registration is complete, you will receive your voter registration card in the mail
  • Before you begin, be sure to have your Pennsylvania driver’s license or PennDOT ID card handy. If you don’t have one, you can upload a signature or print and sign the form
  • Once you submit your online application, it will go to the appropriate county voter registration office for processing
  • If your voter registration card does not come in the mail within 14 days, contact your county voter registration office.

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