Federal Election Commission, US

Federal Election Commission, US

In 1975, the United States of America established the Commission called the Federal Election Commission in the US. The FEC is the Commission or a scheme that holds complete responsibility regarding US Elections.

The Federal Commission segregated into six different Commissioners, whereas these Commissioners will appoint by the President of the US.  From a total of six Commissioners, only three will nominate to the same party by the President of the US.

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US Territories and States:

Types of Commissions in the US, Federal Election Commission:

S. No Name Party Designation
1 Ellen. L Weintraub Democrat FEC Chairman
2 Matthew S. Peterson Republican FEC Vice- Chairman
3 Caroline C. Hunter Republican FEC Commissioner
4 Steven T. Walther Independent FEC Commissioner
5 Vacant  – FEC Commissioner
6 Vacant FEC Commissioner

Duties of Federal Election Commission, US:

  • The Federal Election Commission is appointed to take responsibility regarding funds rising to FEC.
  • The Federal Election Commission is also appointed to take responsibility in spending to the FEC.
  • The restrictions on the contribution made to influence the Federal Election Commission.
  • To maintain the restrictions on expenditure and to influence the Federal Election Commission.
  • The US FEC deals with the public financing of Presidential

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