Columbia Voter Registration Process

Columbia Voter Registration Process

The registration process can be done through the web if you have a valid department of motor vehicles issued identification number. If you are not issued with the department of motor vehicles issued identification number then your application should be signed and that should be sent to the board of elections by mail ( or by the person.


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  • The person must be a citizen of u.s and the resident of Columbia for at least 30 days
  • Should not claim vote in another state of U.S
  • Should not be a culprit in crime in the court of Columbia
  • The individual should be 18 years old


  • If you are outside from the voting residence
  • If you are a member of uniformed services.


               The following are the documents required if you are voting for the first time in the district of Columbia.

  • A valid photo identification that shows your address and name.
  • A copy of paycheck with your name and address that is issued 90 days before voting
  • Any other government-issued document that shows your details and address
  • a copy of bank statement


              The voter registration online application should be submitted to the board of elections 21 days before the elections. If it’s sent after 24 days your application is not valid until the next elections.

If you are submitting the registration application by a person then the application can be submitted one day before the elections.

The registration can be done on the same day by providing the required documents as given below

  • a copy of a valid government-issued photo identification
  • an electricity bill or internet bill or telephone bill or any utility bill which is issued 90 days before the elections
  • a credit card or money market account statement which is issued 90 days before the elections
  • current residence proof or rental agreement
  • The housing bill from the district of Columbia


  • I’m a citizen of united states
  • I live in the district of Columbia
  • I do not claim ro9ght to vote in other states of U.S
  • I’m at least 16 years old
  • I’m not in jail in the district of Columbia
  • I’m not found legally incompetent to vote

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