Alaska Voter Registration Process

Alaska Voter Registration Process

The official requirements to be possessed by every applicant to cast their vote legally:

  • Official voter registration card
  • Drivers license
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport
  • Hunting or fishing license
  • Current utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, government check or other government check or other government documents with the voter’s name and address
  • In case an election may waive the identification requirements if the election official knows the identity of the voter. A voter who cannot exhibit a required form of identification shall be allowed to vote a questioned ballot.

Online applying procedure:

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Online voter registration follows essentially the same process, but instead of filling out a paper application, the voter fills out a form via an Internet site, and that paperless form is submitted electronically to election officials.

In most states the application is reviewed electronically if the request is confirmed to be valid, the new registration is added to the stats voter registration list.

To use the online registration system, you must have a valid Alaska Drivers License or State Id card and the information you enter when registering must match the information on your Division of Motor Vehicle record.

If you don’t have a valid Alaska driver’s license or state ID, or your information cannot be validated, you may select to register using a paper registration form.

You may visit the website for two reasons- Register to vote and update your voter registration.

  • The applicant must be at least 18 or within 90 days of your 18th birthday to register.
  • Fill all the required fields on the application which are identified with
  • You are not officially registered to vote until this application is approved.
  • You should receive an acknowledgement within two to four weeks after submitting or mailing your registration. Please contact your Division of Elections Regions Office if you have not received any information by then.
  • Note- if you provide false information on this application you can be convinced of a misdemeanour AS 15.56.050.

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